We now live in an era where you can purchase anything you want through net-shopping, wherever you may be. Despite this being the case, Japan has very few e-commerce shops capable of delivering overseas. Even Amazon.co.jp has very few sellers providing international shipping with reasonable fees! And fortunately, after spending a while scouting the internet for such service, I came to Benly Express - a trusty service to ship almost any stuff from Japan to my city in Vietnam.

There is no hassle to use BEX at all if you are used to online payment already. Basically, after signing up, BEX will provide you a unique shipping BEX address (their Tokyo-based warehouse) to use for shopping at any sites in Japan. Then after your goods come to your BEX address, the customer support will send you emails to inform the order is ready for shipping once you complete the payment for BEX service.

What I find satisfying about BEX is that they will carefully check the shipment for any damage and even provide repackage if needed for overseas transport.
BEX provides quite some popular shipping options like EMS, Air, Sea to suit your needs. To me, I always pick EMS so far thanks to the quick delivery. And I haven't mentioned that BEX package is quite appealing to my eyes, have I?
One more thing I find it nice about BEX is the clarity in their shipping cost calculation. You can find almost everything you need for an international shipping at https://benlyexpress.com/cost/. There you can estimate the cost to your country with a rough package weight and know more about Combine Shipping option.

Below is an example of my latest order via BEX. I placed some orders from different sellers on Amazon.co.jp and each order arrived at BEX warehouse on different dates. And I forgot to mention that BEX will store our items up to 30 days for free! Then you must pay some additional fees for storage, and that is quite fair to me.

However, personally I think BEX site should apply some interface improvement for the ease of users. Especially in my case of placing multiple tiny orders from different sellers, but on BEX they do not display the item name or the source of my orders, so there is no way to recognize if the shipped item is correct. Or if it is possible, there should be item images as well to show the user that their item is not damaged or deformed, so they can contact the sellers for refund, etc.

Another good thing about BEX is that they even support buying from any sites in Japan which you cannot make payment with your country VISA/Master card or PayPal account. This will be useful because there are many stores in Japan that only accept domestic payment method or cash on delivery only. But please be noted that BEX only accept PayPal for this kind of service.

[How it works]
1.Send URL of an item you wanna buy with quantity, color and size to BEX Support.
2.Receive estimate from BEX.
3.Finish payment for shopping
4.When your item arrive at BEX warehouse, pay for international shipping cost.
5.Receive an item in your address.
*You can use only PayPal for shopping request service.
*It cost you 4%+40yen of total payment as PayPal transfer fee.

To sum up, my experience so far with BEX is quite satisfying. All books I placed from Amazon.co,jp are shipped safe and sound to my address in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The handling and shipping fees from BEX are affordable and quite competing to other service and the country coverage they have is quite large. And sometimes BEX provides discount or even free Combine Shipping cost. If you have used BEX, please feel free to share your opinions or suggest another service!

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