5pb. has released a bunch of hot and steamy screenshots for their upcoming IS: Infinite Stratos Love and Purge game for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita, and it includes some pretty revealing ones.

The story takes place right after the World Purge OVA and will center around Ichika Orimura and his relationships with his fellow IS pilotsm Houki, Charlotte, Rin, Cecilia, Laura, and the Sarashiki sisters, Tatenashi and Kanzashi. Houki’s sister, the inventor of the IS, Tabane Shinonono is revealed to also be part of the game.

New screenshots from the game’s “Reward” and “Punishment” system have also been released. This “Reward” and “Punishment” system uses “Brave Heart Points” which Ichika must acquire through his actions and conversations with the game’s various heroines.
is_010_cs1w1_640x360 is_011_cs1w1_640x360 is_012_cs1w1_640x360
Ichika must deepen his relationships with the girls with these “Brave Heart Points”, and to do that, he must talk with them and be careful with what he says, because the Brave Heart Points he acquires depends on how he treats the girls. He could also rack up the Brave Points by massaging the girls, however, if he messes up, he loses points instead.
And then there are the new event CGs…
is_015_cs1w1_640x360 is_016_cs1w1_640x360 is_017_cs1w1_640x360 is_018_cs1w1_640x360 is_019_cs1w1_640x360
IS: Infinite Stratos Love and Purge is scheduled for release in Japan on July 30, 2015 for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. 

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